HazMatt's Tribute to StarCraft: Unit Portrait Animations & Sounds

Portrait Animations Pack (animated GIF files)

If you want to download the entire set of Terran, Zerg and Protoss animations in one mighty click, here's your link…

StarCraft_Portrait_Pack_GIF.zip (48.3 MB)

Portrait Animations Pack (layered Photoshop files)

Feel like messing around with these great StarCraft portrait animations yourself? Animations are split into "idle" and "talk" Photoshop CS3 files and further divided into groups according to its unique sub-animation (like the Medic's flirtatious wink). Also included are all "glue" animations found elsewhere in the StarCraft and Brood War games.

StarCraft_Portrait_Pack_Photoshop.zip (39.5 MB)

Sound Pack (wav files)

Sure, you could download most of these sound files individually from the other pages, but that would be collosal waste of your time. Click the link below to download all Terran, Zerg and Protoss (including original StarCraft and Brood War) WAV files.

StarCraft_Sound_Pack.zip (85.4 MB)

To browse animations and sounds, choose a race…

Let's not forget about the critters!

All credit goes to
Blizzard Entertainment