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Many Protoss units utter phrases from their native tongue, Khalani.

Protoss Advisor

The Protoss player receives instructions and warnings from the Advisor. Note that this is the same portrait for the non-playable character Aldaris.


The basic worker unit of the Protoss, probes perform basic mineral and gas harvesting, along with the critical function of warping in Protoss structures. Probes are unique among the StarCraft workers in that they can warp in several buildings at the same time; one probe can create a large Protoss settlement in very short order. Probes have a weak ground-based attack.


Noble, powerful and dedicated, the Zealot epitomizes the spirit of the Protoss. They are the first unit a Protoss base can produce, and they are often the first to courageously charge into battle with their Psionic Blade melee attack. Lacking anti-air capability, it is wise to include a few dragoons among their ranks.


Some grievously wounded and devoted Protoss rejoin their brothers in battle as Dragoons; four-legged cyborgs armed with Phase Disrupters. Dragoons are best suited for combat against larger ground or air units.

High Templar

The war priest of the Protoss, High Templars channel their psionic powers to unleash Psionic Storm against their enemies, along with other unique abilities. Otherwise slow and defenseless, they require support troops as they advance into battle. Two High Templar often sacrifice themselves after expending their energy to form a powerful Archon.


When two High Templar become one, a mighty Archon is born. All previous abilities are forsaken and their psionic energy is channeled into strong defensive shields and short-range Psionic Shockwaves, which can deal large amounts of splash damage to ground and air units.

Dark Templar

Once considered outcasts, the Dark Templar now serve as cloaked agents of destruction. Featuring the game's most powerful melee attack, they are often used to sneak past a base's outer defenses and are capable of taking out enemy worker units in one swing of their Warp Blade. Like the High Templar, two Dark Templar can combine to form a Dark Archon.

Dark Archon

The Dark Archon is comprised of two Dark Templar. Unlike the High Templar to Archon merge, a Dark Archon picks up special powers that Dark Templar lacked before. The Feedback ability can damage and even kill other energy-based units while the Maelstrom ability can halt biological units in their tracks for a short time. The most fearsome ability, however, is Mind Control—any enemy unit is potentially an ally.


The Shuttle is StarCraft's fastest air-transport vehicle (assuming Gravitic Drive is researched). Often used to drop Reavers or Dark Templar behind enemy lines or over rough terrain, they provide an indispensable function.


Reavers are slow-moving Scarab factories. Scarabs pack 100 damage (125 upgraded) plus splash damage. An excellent support unit, groups of Reavers are capable of levellng a base in seconds.


The Observer spends its entire life cloaked, and as a detector, able to permanently see enemy cloaked units. These two features make it unique (and valuable) among the StarCraft races, but should an Observer be spotted, the defenseless flier is easily taken down.


As the Protoss' primary airborne assailant, Scouts feature excellent air-to-air weaponry. Although they do have dual Photon Blasters for use against ground targets, they are best suited to hunt down enemy air units, especially when speed-upgraded with Gravitic Thrusters.


A specialty air unit, Corsairs can cast a Disruption Web against ground defenses, which make them valuable in air or ground based assaults. They also are capable of harassing other airborne units with their rapid-rate Neutron Flares.


Perhaps the most unique and interesting specialty unit in the game, the Arbiter can provide a constant cloak umbrella for nearby units, ground or air. Arbiters can also safely and instantly warp allies directly to its current location and cast a Stasis Field upon friend or foe, preventing their movement and injury until support troops can be brought in to deal with the situation.


The heavyweight of the Protoss fleet, Carriers are similar to Reavers in that they manufacture their own ammunition; miniature Interceptors. Up to eight Interceptors issue forth at the direction of the pilot, and the resulting swarm can lay waste to ground or air units alike. Destroying individual Interceptors does little; enemies must target the main ship directly to destroy a Carrier.


Interceptors are the computer-guided weapon of the Carrier.

Fenix (Zealot)

Fenix was a protoss zealot, and praetor of the Protoss Defense Forces. He personally led his fellow warriors into battle against those who called themselves the enemies of the Protoss Empire. Revered by his warrior-brethren, he was dubbed the Steward of the Templar. The Dark Templar Prelate, Zeratul, described Fenix thus: "as stalwart a warrior as I have ever known." He became close friends with terran Jim Raynor. Though he felled innumerable enemies in his service to his race with unparalleled ferocity, he ultimately met his end at the hands of the greatest of Aiur's enemies, the self-styled Queen of Blades, Infested Kerrigan. He has proven himself to be one of the strongest protoss warriors of all time.

Excerpt taken from the StarCraft Wiki.

Fenix (Dragoon)

…during the second battle of Antioch, Fenix was defeated by the zerg. Fenix was nearly ambushed by a hydralisk; as he sought to slay his foe, his psionic blades ceased to function. Fenix's ruined body was recovered and placed into a dragoon exo-skeleton.

Excerpt taken from the StarCraft Wiki.


Tassadar was a protoss high templar and executor in charge of the expeditionary force which made first contact with the zerg. His forces also made first contact with the terrans when they sterilized the surface of Chau Sara in an effort to stem the growth of the zerg. Tassadar was extremely reluctant to sacrifice the terrans in order to destroy the zerg. He eventually lost his position as executor for sparing the terrans and consorting with the Dark Templar. Tassadar learned how to use the Dark Templar's energies and dared to bring them to Aiur. This alliance was responsible for the destruction of the dreaded Overmind, but not without Tassadar's sacrifice.

Excerpt taken from the StarCraft Wiki.


Gantrithor was a protoss super carrier. During the Great War, it served as Executor Tassadar's flagship. The carrier was sacrificed to destroy the first Overmind.

Excerpt taken from the StarCraft Wiki.


Zeratul is a revered Dark Templar mystic. During the Great War, Zeratul allied with the Khalai Tassadar, despite his hatred for the Conclave that once banished his forbears. The Dark Templar personally slew the cerebrate Zasz, but in turn accidentally gave the Overmind the location of Aiur.

Zeratul was manipulated by Kerrigan during the Brood War into killing the Second Overmind and Raszagal, the Dark Templar Matriarch.

These events, and the discovery of the hybrids, led Zeratul to go into seclusion to contemplate his actions and investigate. As the Second Great War approached he began to take a more active role once again.

Excerpt taken from the StarCraft Wiki.


Artanis is a young protoss and member of the Templar Caste. He was appointed executor to replace Tassadar. At only 262 years old, he was young to achieve such a high rank. He later achieved the rank of hierarch following the Brood War, with Executor Selendis being his chief direct subordinate. Artanis harbors a deep respect and admiration for Tassadar. He hopes to become as great a leader as Tassadar; a path which, although noble, could cause him to forsake his better judgement.

Excerpt taken from the StarCraft Wiki.


Matriarch Raszagal was the leader of the Dark Templar until the Brood War. She was one of the most powerful psychics in the galaxy.

Excerpt taken from the StarCraft Wiki.

  • Introduction I am Raszagal… (snippet from the official campaign)